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Top 10 Reasons to Consider Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are more popular than ever; a 2012 Harris survey found that roughly one-fifth of adults have some type of ink these days. All that body art, however, surely means more than a few cases of tattoo regret. There are plenty of reasons to consider tattoo removal; here are 10 of the best.

  1. Love hurts. Having a lover’s name is supposedly the death knell for a relationship, and there might be truth to that statement. Expunging your ex’s name is a great reason to erase some ink.
  1. Real estate needs. If you’re a tattoo vet, you’re eventually going to run short of good space for more artwork. Removing outdated tats is cleaner than trying to modify existing designs.
  1. Aging gracefully. “Live Fast, Die Young” might seem like a bold statement in your twenties; as a thirtysomething with kids looking to you as an example-setter, it might inspire distinct tattoo regretTattoo Regret


  1. Aging naturally. Never mind phrases becoming irrelevant—what about illegible? Tattoos being unreadable due to saggy skin is definitely something to avoid.
  1. Moving on up. Not every industry or employer appreciates a nice piece of body art. In other words, sometimes tat removal is the cost of a hefty new paycheck.
  1. Policy prohibitions. Involvement in some religious, government or military groups may prohibit visible tattoos, particularly if considered offensive.
  1. Regrets, you’ve had a few. Mistakes happen; people are human. Tattoo mistakes, however, are a little tougher. Misspellings and bad artwork are both good reasons to reconsider.
  1. Title town? So you got a “Cleveland Browns: Super Bowl LII Champions” tat; there’s no reason that can’t be stricken from the record.
  1. Location, location, location. Where you get tattooed matters, and so does where you live. Covering forearm art’s no sweat in cold climates, but you’re going to feel the heat wearing long sleeves if you move to a warm area.
  1. Wife or girlfriend disapproval. What more needs to be said?

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