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Here from real patients and their testimonials on why using the PicoSure laser was best choice they could have made. The PicoSure laser is revolutionary device that more effectively and more quickly removes tattoos than any other laser before. Newport Tattoo Removal is the leading tattoo removal clinic in Orange County, CA. Whether you want to remove a regretful tattoo or make room for a new one, we are here to help.

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PicoSure tattoo removal testimonials: How it changed my life

“The tattoo mainly shows when I’m in a bathing suit and I’m really happy that for the first time I can go on a vacation and not have this tattoo staring at me!”


PicoSure tattoo removal testimonials: Why it was so easy

“I would definitely recommend getting treatment with the Pico laser. It’s fantasic! Quick and Easy!

Newport Tattoo Removal testimonials: Why I chose Newport Tattoo Removal

Any time you’re looking into any sort of medical procedure you should do your research. I did quite a bit of research on the various lasers and tattoo removal clinics and ultimately ended up going to Newport Tattoo Removal and I couldn’t be happier. Right from my initial consultation with Jen I knew I had made the right decision. Making the choice to get a tattoo removed is a huge decision and can be quite stressful, but after getting to meet Jen and seeing the facility I was put at ease. Jen assessed my tattoo and gave me her honest opinion on what she thought it would take to remove it. At no point did she push me into signing up for a ‘package’, she was perfectly fine with me paying per treatment which I felt was the best decision for me and worked with my finances. I’ve now seen Jen 4 times and my results have been great! Even though the laser can be a little uncomfortable for some people, I actually enjoy going for treatments because Jen makes the entire process so friendly and easy. Jeremy L., Costa Mesa
I really regretted a tattoo I got when I was younger of an ex-girlfriend. I thought I was stuck with it. I thought it would be too expensive to remove and would look all messed up. A friend referred me to Newport Tattoo Removal and the PA Jenn put me immediately at ease. She so thoroughly explained the process, showed me many results of from successful clients of theirs and best of all provided me a detailed payment plan to have my tattoos removed. I couldn’t be happier. The tattoo is gone. I don’t have to live with a bad memory and I was able to afford the tattoo removal procedure. Thanks. Kyle T., Santa Ana
I did a lot of research when looking into a laser tattoo removal company to go to. Newport Tattoo Removal really does have the best quality of anything I could find. Every time I have an appointment they make me feel so comfortable that it helps make the process that much easier. As a tattoo artist I couldn’t recommend Newport Tattoo Removal enough if you are looking to get a coverup. I’ll be back for more! Angie S., Huntington Beach
Newport Tattoo Removal is simply the BEST! I have been removing five or six various tattoos for coverups on my arms, legs and neck and the experienced has been amazing. The pain is bearable and the staff treats you like family. The main PA I have had, Jeannie, is very talented with a laser! I would recommend Newport Tattoo Removal to anyone. George C., Costa Mesa

At Newport Tattoo Removal we strive to provide the best care and service to our patients. With a record as the most effective and leading tattoo removal practice in Orange County, Newport Tattoo Removal knows our patients expect and deserve the best. We are not happy until you are. We believe you will be happy with your results from our tattoo removal procedure using the PicoSure laser. Let us know your thoughts. We would love to hear from your feedback. You can call us at (949) 631-9009 or send us a message from our Contact Page.

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