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How Tattoo Regret Impacts Your Mental Health | Newport Tattoo Removal
Tattoos, for some, are liberating. Sometimes, they symbolize a time in your life when something mattered enough that you felt compelled to tattoo it on your body. Other times, tattoos are standard of a lovesick decision, a drunk choice or something you did with ample pressure from your peers. So, there you are, stuck with ink that you don’t appreciate. Before you sink into sadness,
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Cold weather comes with a ton of good things: sweaters, scarves, hot cocoa and the holidays, to name a few. However, the weather also brings on some challenges, especially when it comes to skincare. However, the dry conditions don’t mean you have to suffer through dry, chapped and cracked skin for months on end. There are a few key steps you can take to keep
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There’s no denying the joy to be found in finding the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones. The problem is that the hustle and bustle of the holidays often means neglecting to take care of yourself, which may leave you feeling tired or run down. Why not give yourself a gift this year? Spend a bit of time receiving laser therapy so that you
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Dark Spots on the Skin: What They Are and How To Get Rid of Them
From moles to freckles, nearly everybody has variation in skin tone that leads to some areas being darker than others. Skin discoloration can occur for many reasons and leave some people feeling the need to repair the discoloration. To determine whether you should get rid of your dark spots, it first helps to understand why you have them. Age Is Often a Factor For many
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4 Quick Tips to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal | Newport Tattoo Removal
Have you been thinking about getting your tattoos removed only to back out due to uncertainty around how it all works? First thing you should know is that you’re not alone. Many others out there are in the same position. Due to rumors and myths about laser removal, many people have chosen to hit the pause button on what they should’ve had done a long
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Whether you’re thinking about getting your first tattoo or your 30th, it’s a good idea to really think through your new ink before heading to the local shop. If you fail to put enough thought into your design, you may end up with something you don’t love. While you can always have tattoo removal as a backup plan, it will be easier for you if
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Mark Wahlberg Removed Bob Marley Tattoo Ink | Newport Tattoo Removal
If you have ever heard of or seen the phrase “celebrities, they’re just like us!” spouted on a YouTube short or plastered on a magazine cover, then chances are you’ve read those words with some much needed skepticism. You will be happy to know then, that there are some areas in life where celebrities are indeed exactly like the rest of us. Thinking of removing
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Key Factors that can affect your tattoo removal | Newport Tattoo Removal
Tattoo removal technology has vastly improved over the years, making it generally more effective and often less painful. However, many factors can affect its performance on each individual tattoo. Ink Color Some colors of tattoo inks are more difficult to remove than others. Generally, white and warm colors such as red and yellow are known for being harder to get rid of, while dark blues,
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