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Options Are Plentiful for Your Next Tattoo’s Style

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A common word of warning when shopping for a new tattoo is that tattoos are forever. While advances in the world of tattoo removal mean that isn’t entirely true anymore, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still do everything you can to find a tattoo option that you love and will be proud to wear for the rest of your life. The good news is there’s never been a better time to be in the market for a new tattoo, as there are so many talented artists providing tattoos in so many different styles and aesthetics.

With various visual motifs to choose from it means there is always a perfect match for you just waiting to be discovered. Many artists excel in specific types of tattoo design, however, so it can be helpful to understand some of the most popular tattoo styles to find your best fit before you begin searching for an artist who can execute your style masterfully.


The traditional style has its name for a reason — if you’re thinking of a stereotypical old-fashioned tattoo you are likely thinking of a traditional design. Traditional designs are identified by their clear lines and bright colors, as well as often featuring a slightly stylized representation of any humans, as opposed to strictly realistic representation. Although there are popular design elements for traditional designs, like portraits and flowers, modern designs with a traditional tilt can represent nearly anything with the distinct stylings of a traditional tattoo.

New School

Although the “new” in new school may be a couple of decades past its sell-by date at this point, the look has never gone out of style. New school designs took the artistic elements of traditional tattoos and elevated them to a new level. That means that they feature even brighter and bolder colors and more cartoony looks.


Going in the other direction, photo-realistic tattoos seek to take inspiration from the real world and translate it into a perfect representation on the recipient’s body. Whether done in color or black-and-white, these tattoos require a great deal of skill to get right. Many lists of tattoo nightmares feature realism tattoos gone awry, with efforts to shade in black-and-white resulting in monstrous faces.


Although artists love watercolor paints for the ease of blending and fading colors in beautiful ways, tattoo artists don’t have that luxury when creating in this style. Instead, a skilled tattoo artist uses their needle to masterfully create the blends which give watercolor tattoos their namesake appeal.

There’s no style of tattoo which is best. Your ideal tattoo is one which has meaning to you and is in a style you love. One great way to get inspiration is to choose what you want tattooed and do an online search along with one of the genres above. The prior examples you find can help you see how your design translates into a given style and helps you to choose just the right tattoo for you.

Oops! I Need to Cover-Up My Tattoo — What Do I Do?

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As the wonderful world of tattoos opens up to more and more people every year there’s also another community which grows alongside it — the community of people with tattoos they want to get rid of. One of the best ways to deal with a regrettable piece of ink is to opt for a cover-up. Replacing your unwanted art with a new design that you love is an excellent way to transform a mistake into a masterpiece. If you’re considering a tattoo cover up and don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Find the Right Artist

At the end of the day your cover-up tattoo is still a tattoo. That means all the same caveats which come with a piece of fresh ink still apply, and that starts with finding an artist who can deliver a piece you love. This is particularly important with cover-up work because there is additional craft required to create a design which works despite lacking a completely fresh canvas to draw on.

Choose A Design That Works

The options you have when creating a cover-up design will be influenced by the work that is being covered up. Darker colors in your original tattoo are more limiting than light colors, and inversely dark colors for your new tattoo will be able to get the job done in a wider range of situations. This is where choosing a talented artist is important as they can help you to find a design that works.

Fade Your Prior Ink

Darker colors are harder to tattoo over but that doesn’t mean that you are totally out of luck. When you have ink that needs to be covered then one of the best things you can do is find a tattoo removal professional, like those at Newport Tattoo Removal, to help fade the piece being covered up. Laser removal therapy isn’t just for dark inks, either. Every cover-up tattoo looks better on a fresher canvas, so the more sessions of removal therapy you undergo the better your new ink will look.

Get That Ink Covered

Once you’ve found your artist, picked out a new design and faded your prior tattoo with laser therapy it’s time to go in and get your new tattoo. A talented tattoo artist working on a faded tattoo can truly create an incredible piece of art where nobody who sees the new look would ever guess there was another tattoo lurking underneath the surface.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are more popular than ever; a 2012 Harris survey found that roughly one-fifth of adults have some type of ink these days. All that body art, however, surely means more than a few cases of tattoo regret. There are plenty of reasons to consider tattoo removal; here are 10 of the best.

  1. Love hurts. Having a lover’s name is supposedly the death knell for a relationship, and there might be truth to that statement. Expunging your ex’s name is a great reason to erase some ink.
  1. Real estate needs. If you’re a tattoo vet, you’re eventually going to run short of good space for more artwork. Removing outdated tats is cleaner than trying to modify existing designs.
  1. Aging gracefully. “Live Fast, Die Young” might seem like a bold statement in your twenties; as a thirtysomething with kids looking to you as an example-setter, it might inspire distinct tattoo regretTattoo Regret


  1. Aging naturally. Never mind phrases becoming irrelevant—what about illegible? Tattoos being unreadable due to saggy skin is definitely something to avoid.
  1. Moving on up. Not every industry or employer appreciates a nice piece of body art. In other words, sometimes tat removal is the cost of a hefty new paycheck.
  1. Policy prohibitions. Involvement in some religious, government or military groups may prohibit visible tattoos, particularly if considered offensive.
  1. Regrets, you’ve had a few. Mistakes happen; people are human. Tattoo mistakes, however, are a little tougher. Misspellings and bad artwork are both good reasons to reconsider.
  1. Title town? So you got a “Cleveland Browns: Super Bowl LII Champions” tat; there’s no reason that can’t be stricken from the record.
  1. Location, location, location. Where you get tattooed matters, and so does where you live. Covering forearm art’s no sweat in cold climates, but you’re going to feel the heat wearing long sleeves if you move to a warm area.
  1. Wife or girlfriend disapproval. What more needs to be said?

Need to get rid of a tattoo? Newport Tattoo Removal has seen it all, from shoddy work to sports team heartbreak. Stop suffering from tattoo regret today—consider laser removal and get your body back. Call us at (949) 631-9009 and start your path to removal today!