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The PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Difference

Mistakes happen, but unfortunately, some are more permanent than others. If you got a tattoo when you were young, wild and free that you regret, or if you’re tired of looking at the name of your ex-husband on a daily basis, it may be time to schedule a consultation with a tattoo removal professional. While you have your fair share of joints to choose from, opt for one that has ditched the traditional Q-Switch laser method and implemented the PicoSure technique, such as Newport Tattoo Removal. This post details just a few of the benefits of PicoSure Laser that the traditional method doesn’t offer.

Newport Tattoo Removal PicoSure Device


It’s Effective on Stubborn Tattoos

The traditional way of removing tattoos was effective on poorly done tattoos, but those inked on by real-deal tattoo artists remained, well, permanent, even after several Q-Switch sessions. PicoSure Tattoo Removal delivers such short laser pulses with such a huge amount of pressure that nearly every pigment particle is affected. Once shattered into miniscule dust-like particles, the body absorbs the particles and attacks them via an immune system response.

It Requires Less Sessions

Because of the way in which PicoSure works, it has a greater chance of clearing up to 75 percent of unwanted pigment in a single session. It often requires four to eight Q-Switch sessions to remove the same amount of pigmentation, a process that can take over a year to complete.

It Eliminates Tough Colors

When the technology was first developed, PicoSure was only effective on select pigments, and tattoos with red, orange and yellow were better treated with Q-Switch. However, the technology has since been improved upon, and now it eliminates ink of all colors and no matter how imbedded in the skin the pigments are.

Newport Tattoo Removal PicoSure Before and After

If you’re not sure about a tattoo, it may be time to consider PicoSure. Find out for yourself why PicoSure is better than Q-Switch Laser. Call Newport Tattoo Removal today at (949) 631-9009 to schedule your consultation or use our online contact form.


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