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Help for Clients of Dr Tattoff Closing

Patients of Dr. Tattoff

Did the closing Dr. Tattoff leave you with an unfinished tattoo removal?

While it is unfortunate to see the closing of a respected medical practice, patients still need to be seen and continue treatments. Newport Tattoo Removal is not affiliated with Dr. Tattoff in any way, but we are here to help Dr Tattoff patients the best we can. First and foremost, Newport Tattoo Removal is a highly respected and trusted Orange County tattoo removal practice. Newport Tattoo Removal is part of the Newport Medical and Wellness Center, which is led by Dr. John LaLonde. Dr. LaLonde, is one of Orange County’s highest rated doctors with an extremely loyal following of clients and patients. Dr. LaLonde has been in practice for almost two decades serving the medical and cosmetic aesthetic need of patients from Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Irvine, and surrounding communities. Dr. LaLonde and Newport Tattoo Removal continue to serve their patients and will continue to accept new patients whether just starting their tattoo removal treatment or in need to continue from another practice. This is your body, make sure you are under the care of an established and well respected doctor, like Dr. John LaLonde.

Newport Tattoo Removal to Help Dr. Tattoff Patients

Newport Tattoo Removal seeks to help the patients of Dr. Tattoff that need to continue their tattoo removal treatments. We are taking on new patients so please call or contact us to make an appointment for consultation. We can’t remedy any loss incurred from the Dr. Tattoff closure, but we do offer you fast, affordable and permanent tattoo removal. Newport Tattoo Removal uses the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology by PicoSure. We can remove very dark lines, multicolored inks and even recalcitrant tattoos that have previously undergone laser treatments. PicoSure laser tattoo removal is fast and effective, with many patients experiencing nearly 100 percent removed tattoos in only three sessions. Newport Tattoo Removal is consistently an industry leader and best tattoo removal in Orange County. If you are still in need of multiple tattoo removal treatments, we’ll provide 1 free session for every two purchased. That is 33% savings over most tattoo removal providers.

What to Expect When Removing Tattoos with PicoSure

The PicoSure laser is a major technological advancement over Q-switched Nd: YAG lasers for tattoo removal. Treatment sessions are short, but several may be required to achieve total clearance. The tattoo’s size and color will primarily determine how many sessions will be needed to remove it. It is recommended that you wait four to six weeks between each session so the pigment has time to be expelled from the body. Laser tattoo removal is relatively comfortable, with most patients saying the procedure is less painful than getting a tattoo. Patients may experience some minor side effects including a temporary sunburn-like sensation, but scarring is rare. Most people can resume their normal activities immediately following treatment without any downtime.

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