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Five Reasons to Rejuvenate Your Skin This Spring

Five Reasons to Rejuvenate Your Skin This Spring | Newport Tattoo Removal

The change in seasons is the perfect time to restore your inner glow. By giving your skin some extra time and attention, you give your truest self the opportunity to shine through. At Newport Tattoo Removal, trusted professionals specialize in skin health and rejuvenation so you can treat yourself to good feelings this season. Our PicoSure® Laser Skin procedure does not require penetration and leaves your outsides feeling brand new. Here are five dynamite reasons you should invest in your complexion this spring.

    1. Replenishing Your Skin is the Key to Self-Confidence

Your skin is your first-impression-maker. By revitalizing it, you are in turn welcoming a plethora of positive vibes. Since spring is the season of blossoming, now is your perfect window for a pick-me-up that others will notice. Taking care of your outward appearance demonstrates to others that you are worthy. So don’t hesitate to strut.

    2. Smoothing Out Your Palette Invites More Adventurous Style

Imagine using your makeup to stand out instead of using it to cover up. With fewer blemishes, dark spots or wrinkles, you may find yourself getting creative with your cosmetics. You might even uncover an entirely new side of yourself—one you dare not blend away again.

Picosure skin rejuvenation | Newport Tattoo Removal

    3. Removing Damaged Cells Turns Back the Clock

Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh start? Revitalizing your skin does more than change its appearance—it erases older, impaired layers. The result is, of course, a younger looking top surface. However, the most enticing reality is that your skin is healthier. Springtime is the greatest time to unveil a strong barrier before summer’s striking rays make their debut.

    4. Investing Now Helps Save Time and Money in the Long Run

You read that right. Taking one proactive step to improve your outermost layer now affords you the time and money spent on makeup, ointments and stress later on. Laser skin treatments are non-invasive and yield results that last when done right. Additionally, inviting professionals to dote upon your skin allows them the chance to look for trouble—so you could be saving on doctor’s appointments, too.

    5. Maintaining Healthy Skin Improves Other Areas of Your Health

The ripple effect after getting your skin treated is trifold. For one, being mindful of your epidermis breeds other healthy routines—you may wish to be better all around. Secondly, treating your body’s first line of defense comes with the promise of fewer intruders, infections or illnesses. Lastly, healthier skin is proven to improve bodily functions happening beneath it, since the exchange of vitamins and oxygen becomes optimal. Try and see for yourself!

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