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Dark Spot Removal

Laser Dark Spot Removal with PicoSure®

Darkened regions of the skin occur as a result of abnormal tanning when the skin is sensitive to sunlight. Several diseases and many drugs can occasionally cause photosensitivity. Dark spots can appear in a variety of ways, like freckles, brown patches (blotchiness), and moles. Any dark spot that is either new or changing should be evaluated by a doctor.

Even if you try to protect yourself from the sun, it is almost impossible to avoid the damaging effects of UV rays. Dark spots and freckles are an early sign of aging and first appear on areas that are frequently exposed to the sun.  PicoSure uses powerful laser light pulses to blast away excess melanin, safely and effectively reducing the appearance of dark spots on the face, neck, chest, hands, arms and legs without harming the surrounding skin.  Depending on the darkness and size of your brown spots, three to six sessions will be needed to achieve the best results.  Most people are able to resume their regular activities immediately following dark spot removal treatment without any downtime.

How long is a Dark Spot Removal treatment session at Newport Tattoo Removal?

The treatment time depends on the number of dark spots to be removed. Typical treatments are 20 to 30 minutes per session.

Will the dark spots be permanently removed?

Dark spot removal by our PicoSure laser are usually gone for good. New spots may appear in previously sun-damaged skin as the aging process continues. On-going exposure to the sun will likely create new spots, particularly in those that freckle or burn easily. Birth marks and brown spots not caused by sun-damage may gradually return with time following laser dark spot removal.

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