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6 Tips for Your First Tattoo

6 Tips for Your First Tattoo | Newport Tattoo Removal

Tattoos grow more and more popular every year, and more and more accepted even in the corporate world. With fewer social hang-ups to worry about, there’s never been a better time to get a tattoo. If you’re thinking about getting inked but don’t know what to expect, here’s what you need to know before your first tattoo.

Take Your Time Choosing a Design

While tattoos may not quite be forever, the improvements in tattoo removal therapy are no reason to rush into a first tattoo without thinking it through first. Try to choose a concept that has a special meaning to you and that you are unlikely to lose your affinity for in five, ten or fifty years. If you’re unsure what the best option is, that’s a sign you haven’t quite found something worth tattooing yet so keep thinking or tweaking until you’re fully sold.

Ask for Opinions

One simple way to make sure that the design you’re choosing is a good one is to talk with friends or family members who know you well and who you trust. While it’s ultimately your decision on what to get, if everyone you speak to is for or against a design, that is useful information in determining if it’s a good idea after all.

Research Potential Artists

It should go without saying that finding the right artist when getting a tattoo is vital, but all too often people settle for the first parlor they find or the one that is closest to home. Finding the right artist is about more than just finding a well-regarded artist, you should also inquire about their preferred art styles. The most talented artist around isn’t the best fit if they are not comfortable with your chosen style.

When in Doubt, Pay for Quality

An easy mistake to make when getting your first tattoo is undervaluing the importance of paying for quality. While not every assessment is as simple as comparing prices and deciding the more expensive artist is better, an artist generally charges what they are capable of charging. That means if a rate seems too good to be true, it probably is, and you should go another way with your business.

Dress Comfortably

Sometimes the simplest tips are also the easiest to overlook. If you’re preparing to get tattooed, take time to pick out an outfit that you’ll be comfortable sitting in for an extended period of time, particularly when you have a big piece in mind. Layers are a great option if you don’t know how warm or cool the tattoo shop will be. You should also wear something that makes it easy to give access to the skin you’re getting inked on, particularly if it’s in an area that could lead to bashfulness with the wrong clothing choice.

Try to Relax

Your first tattoo should be a happy experience. While it can be a bit stressful as a first-timer, if you followed the above steps you should be well-situated for a beautiful final product. So relax, and enjoy the fantastic art you’ve chosen.

If you do end up with a design you are not thrilled with, Newport Tattoo Removal can help fix past mistakes. If you do decide to get a tattoo, take your time to think about what you want carefully first.

Options Are Plentiful for Your Next Tattoo’s Style

An image of a young women with a tattoo sleeve holding a cup of coffee


A common word of warning when shopping for a new tattoo is that tattoos are forever. While advances in the world of tattoo removal mean that isn’t entirely true anymore, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still do everything you can to find a tattoo option that you love and will be proud to wear for the rest of your life. The good news is there’s never been a better time to be in the market for a new tattoo, as there are so many talented artists providing tattoos in so many different styles and aesthetics.

With various visual motifs to choose from it means there is always a perfect match for you just waiting to be discovered. Many artists excel in specific types of tattoo design, however, so it can be helpful to understand some of the most popular tattoo styles to find your best fit before you begin searching for an artist who can execute your style masterfully.


The traditional style has its name for a reason — if you’re thinking of a stereotypical old-fashioned tattoo you are likely thinking of a traditional design. Traditional designs are identified by their clear lines and bright colors, as well as often featuring a slightly stylized representation of any humans, as opposed to strictly realistic representation. Although there are popular design elements for traditional designs, like portraits and flowers, modern designs with a traditional tilt can represent nearly anything with the distinct stylings of a traditional tattoo.

New School

Although the “new” in new school may be a couple of decades past its sell-by date at this point, the look has never gone out of style. New school designs took the artistic elements of traditional tattoos and elevated them to a new level. That means that they feature even brighter and bolder colors and more cartoony looks.


Going in the other direction, photo-realistic tattoos seek to take inspiration from the real world and translate it into a perfect representation on the recipient’s body. Whether done in color or black-and-white, these tattoos require a great deal of skill to get right. Many lists of tattoo nightmares feature realism tattoos gone awry, with efforts to shade in black-and-white resulting in monstrous faces.


Although artists love watercolor paints for the ease of blending and fading colors in beautiful ways, tattoo artists don’t have that luxury when creating in this style. Instead, a skilled tattoo artist uses their needle to masterfully create the blends which give watercolor tattoos their namesake appeal.

There’s no style of tattoo which is best. Your ideal tattoo is one which has meaning to you and is in a style you love. One great way to get inspiration is to choose what you want tattooed and do an online search along with one of the genres above. The prior examples you find can help you see how your design translates into a given style and helps you to choose just the right tattoo for you.

5 Ways to Memorialize a Great Experience You Never Want to Forget

An image of various old and new color photographs in a pile.

A happy and fulfilling life is one filled with countless experiences worth remembering for decades to come. Unfortunately, sometimes even the most memorable life experiences can be hard to remember as they slip further and further into the past. If you’re looking for a reminder which helps you keep your memory with you forever, here are some great ways to make it last.

1. Shoot It

It’s never been easier to preserve memories with a camera, as nearly everyone carries a high definition camera in their pocket in the form of a smartphone. When you take a lot of pictures and videos you get digital reminders of the incredible time you had.

2. Share It

Once you’ve taken pictures and videos, social media is an excellent way to preserve those memories for years to come. All the major social networking sites now have features which highlight posts from the past. With Facebook Memories, for example, you see everything you have shared and posted as a status on the current date throughout your entire time on Facebook. That means you get a yearly reminder on the anniversary of your big events.

3. Make it Physical

Souvenirs exist for a reason — a physical reminder of your vacation can be an outstanding way to keep your memories fresh. You don’t need to settle for a tacky item from the gift shop, though. Find something you love while you’re enjoying your memorable experience and bring it home with you. Every time you use it or look at it you’ll be reminded of the fun you had.

4. Talk About It

A simple way to help memories take root in your brain is to tell the story repeatedly. When you share your experiences with friends or family you’re building neural pathways which help to further entrench the experience in your brain and reduce the chance of you one day forgetting the important details.

5. Get Inked

For a permanent reminder, there’s no better way to commemorate a big date or a milestone accomplishment than getting a tattoo to mark the occasion. Every time you look down on your tattoo you’ll be reminded of the big moment. You can’t forget something when it’s on you every single morning when you wake up!

Preserving your memories today is something you’ll be glad you did many years from now. When you can show pictures and videos to loved ones, or spin the tale of your big day as if it was yesterday even though it was years or decades in the past, you’ll be glad you made the effort to improve your recollection.

Five Reasons to Rejuvenate Your Skin This Spring

Five Reasons to Rejuvenate Your Skin This Spring | Newport Tattoo Removal

The change in seasons is the perfect time to restore your inner glow. By giving your skin some extra time and attention, you give your truest self the opportunity to shine through. At Newport Tattoo Removal, trusted professionals specialize in skin health and rejuvenation so you can treat yourself to good feelings this season. Our PicoSure® Laser Skin procedure does not require penetration and leaves your outsides feeling brand new. Here are five dynamite reasons you should invest in your complexion this spring.

    1. Replenishing Your Skin is the Key to Self-Confidence

Your skin is your first-impression-maker. By revitalizing it, you are in turn welcoming a plethora of positive vibes. Since spring is the season of blossoming, now is your perfect window for a pick-me-up that others will notice. Taking care of your outward appearance demonstrates to others that you are worthy. So don’t hesitate to strut.

    2. Smoothing Out Your Palette Invites More Adventurous Style

Imagine using your makeup to stand out instead of using it to cover up. With fewer blemishes, dark spots or wrinkles, you may find yourself getting creative with your cosmetics. You might even uncover an entirely new side of yourself—one you dare not blend away again.

Picosure skin rejuvenation | Newport Tattoo Removal

    3. Removing Damaged Cells Turns Back the Clock

Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh start? Revitalizing your skin does more than change its appearance—it erases older, impaired layers. The result is, of course, a younger looking top surface. However, the most enticing reality is that your skin is healthier. Springtime is the greatest time to unveil a strong barrier before summer’s striking rays make their debut.

    4. Investing Now Helps Save Time and Money in the Long Run

You read that right. Taking one proactive step to improve your outermost layer now affords you the time and money spent on makeup, ointments and stress later on. Laser skin treatments are non-invasive and yield results that last when done right. Additionally, inviting professionals to dote upon your skin allows them the chance to look for trouble—so you could be saving on doctor’s appointments, too.

    5. Maintaining Healthy Skin Improves Other Areas of Your Health

The ripple effect after getting your skin treated is trifold. For one, being mindful of your epidermis breeds other healthy routines—you may wish to be better all around. Secondly, treating your body’s first line of defense comes with the promise of fewer intruders, infections or illnesses. Lastly, healthier skin is proven to improve bodily functions happening beneath it, since the exchange of vitamins and oxygen becomes optimal. Try and see for yourself!

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