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5 Ways to Memorialize a Great Experience You Never Want to Forget

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A happy and fulfilling life is one filled with countless experiences worth remembering for decades to come. Unfortunately, sometimes even the most memorable life experiences can be hard to remember as they slip further and further into the past. If you’re looking for a reminder which helps you keep your memory with you forever, here are some great ways to make it last.

1. Shoot It

It’s never been easier to preserve memories with a camera, as nearly everyone carries a high definition camera in their pocket in the form of a smartphone. When you take a lot of pictures and videos you get digital reminders of the incredible time you had.

2. Share It

Once you’ve taken pictures and videos, social media is an excellent way to preserve those memories for years to come. All the major social networking sites now have features which highlight posts from the past. With Facebook Memories, for example, you see everything you have shared and posted as a status on the current date throughout your entire time on Facebook. That means you get a yearly reminder on the anniversary of your big events.

3. Make it Physical

Souvenirs exist for a reason — a physical reminder of your vacation can be an outstanding way to keep your memories fresh. You don’t need to settle for a tacky item from the gift shop, though. Find something you love while you’re enjoying your memorable experience and bring it home with you. Every time you use it or look at it you’ll be reminded of the fun you had.

4. Talk About It

A simple way to help memories take root in your brain is to tell the story repeatedly. When you share your experiences with friends or family you’re building neural pathways which help to further entrench the experience in your brain and reduce the chance of you one day forgetting the important details.

5. Get Inked

For a permanent reminder, there’s no better way to commemorate a big date or a milestone accomplishment than getting a tattoo to mark the occasion. Every time you look down on your tattoo you’ll be reminded of the big moment. You can’t forget something when it’s on you every single morning when you wake up!

Preserving your memories today is something you’ll be glad you did many years from now. When you can show pictures and videos to loved ones, or spin the tale of your big day as if it was yesterday even though it was years or decades in the past, you’ll be glad you made the effort to improve your recollection.